Marriage Counseling: Does it Work?

Most relationships start with a spark. Whether that spark quickly turns into a blazing fire or flares up and quickly fizzles out depends on many factors. Relationships start because at least one of the partners is attracted something appealing about the other person.

Attraction alone cannot sustain a long-term relationship. Even if a couple discovers they have similar values, the same likes and dislikes and shared dreams, “love” could still fade over time.

What is Marriage Counseling?

Marriage counseling is a form of therapy designed to give couples an opportunity to explore their budding romance in depth before they tie-the-knot. It is also helpful for married couples facing relationship challenges.

There are many different approaches to counseling. Finding a therapist should begin with deciding what kind of professional you want to help you through this difficult time.

Some people in NYC prefer to seek advice from their spiritual counselor or pastor from their church. If one or both of the partners have mental illness, a trusted psychiatrist could be the best advocate. These helpers have training in counseling techniques and are usually certified and licensed by the state.

Marriage therapy is a guided exploration of the relationship. In simple terms, marriage counseling is a psychotherapy plan to help couples like you resolve their problems.

What Does Couple Therapy Involve?

Generally a therapist helps couples understand that neither partner is totally to blame for most problems in a marriage. By discussing changes in your relationship, a marriage counselor can help you identify certain behaviors or verbal messages that are creating discord.

Couples therapy NYC normally lasts from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the circumstances. Most insurance companies to not cover counseling for married couples; however, some employer-sponsored plans have special programs. Community service agencies also offer a variety of options if your financial situation prevents you from seeking help.

There are numerous reasons that couples find their relationship in trouble. Five of the major triggers that cause marital trouble are listed below.

  • Breach of trust
  • Financial crisis
  • Child rearing issues
  • Infidelity
  • Sexual dysfunction and lack of intimacy

Marriage counseling can be a highly effective tool for couples to restore a loving relationship. During sessions, spouses learn how to treat each other to prevent small problems from escalating in the future. While not every marriage can be saved, an effective treatment plan can put couples back on the right track.

Whether you and your spouse are just starting out or you have been married several decades, it is important to realize that marriage is not a constant state of euphoria. Psychologists’ research suggests that happiness in a marriage is at its highest peak during the honeymoon period and gradually declines during the “child rearing years”. The good news is that happiness takes an upward turn as children leave home and returns to a level that equals those early euphoric years of wedded bliss.

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Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

Treatment centers in Los Angeles come in all different forms. Drug treatment facilities are places in which individuals with issues in drug abuse or alcohol can go through a safe program of detox and recovery. Most treatment facilities include ways for patients to relearn how to live without dependency on drugs and also take back what they have lost. Many treatment facilities operate with different methods of recovery. In some, you find modern behavior methods, 12-step programs and detoxification.

Another type of treatment facility is an inpatient care center that provides residence to patients and help from within. Patients live in peace while trying to come to terms with their drug abuse and rehabilitation issues. It takes a long time for people to feel healed and able to return to a normal life, but in some cases, our methods work so rapidly that patients leave when they’re ready. With group therapy, relapse prevention and special treatment methods, drug rehab centers have created a healthier way for individuals to get the treatment that they need.

Treatment centers aren’t just designed for individuals who need help and seek it on their own. They’re also a facility for those who have family members who need to recover from drug abuse or alcohol. Los Angeles drug rehab facilities provide the safest environment for addicts to recover.

Many individuals also require therapy for mental illness. If you are looking for help to treat alcohol, marijuana, vicodin, cocaine, methadone, heroin or other drug addiction, Los Angeles drug rehab provide the utmost care in our area. You can contact rehab facilities for more information.

Medical professionals, therapists and former addicts all assist in helping our patients reach a point of recovery. Drug rehabilitation centers offer the highest level of drug addiction treatment alcohol rehabilitation. Drug rehab center help you figure out the causes of your addiction and learn how to cope with the withdrawal effects of drugs while at our treatment facility.

Many drug and alcohol addictions are complicated diseases. They require a lot of attention at treatment centers. It takes a lot of strength for patients to overcome the pain and illness associated with the chemical changes of drug and alcohol withdrawals. Rehab centers take care with every patient to make sure that they are getting a specific program t figure out all of their needs.

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Tips for Virus Prevention

While the constantly changing nature of every new virus strain cannot be properly treated with specific measures there are a few virus prevention tips that should still be taken into consideration as sound, general practice.

10. Go to a doctor if you get sick. Although it seems simple enough advice many people fail to take this step. Consult your family doctor if you have the virus or visit a walk-in clinic if symptoms are particularly severe.

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9. Isolate yourself if you become ill. To stop the spread of virus it’s important to remain away from others and minimize the chance of infection as much as possible through at least some basic form of self-isolation.

8. Stay home from work if you become sick. Just like isolating yourself at home prevents the virus from spreading to others, taking a day off to rest and recuperate is also an effective way of helping stem the spread of illness while simultaneously bettering your chances of beating the sickness itself.

7. Avoid touching your mouth or face often. Your face hosts the easiest entry points for virus and your hands are constantly coming into contact with various bugs while out in public. Wear a good face mask, such as the N95 mask. This advice is especially necessary when it is impossible to wash your hands.

6. Exercise caution with public transit. This tip coincides greatly with the above point and refers to the need to avoid obviously sick people. Wash your hands after touching areas of common traffic in these situations (door handles, backs of seats, handles or after handling change/tokens).

5. Avoid sick people as often as possible, not only on public transit but in the workplace or at home. The best way to avoid catching the virus is to minimize exposure to those currently carrying the virus.

4. Stay hydrated. Flushing your system can help prevent infection before it starts and will also aid in hastening recovery from the virus.

3. Get plenty of rest. Nothing works as well as plenty of sleep toward warding off the virus or helping to recover from it if already infected.

2. Don’t cough or sneeze on others. It seems like common sense but many people do not cover their nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing and thus greatly increase the chance of infecting others through carelessness.

1. Wash your hands as often as possible. It’s impossible to stay away from every possible chance of virus infection so your best bet will always be to sanitize your hands often so you won’t contract the virus through eating, touching your face or coming into contact with various objects.

Keep these tips in mind as more news and information about the newest strains of virus are brought to public attention.


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Beating Addiction Once And For All

While there are many different forms of addiction, it can take hold of us in such a way that it is difficult to get ourselves free. If you have an addiction of some sort, you will need to know which steps to take to ensure that you stay in good health mentally and physically. Beating addiction once and for all is possible, but only if you are passionate, willing, and enlightened as to how to go about doing it.

Those in Connecticut who have a problem with addiction will want to start by first acknowledging that they have a problem. No matter what it is, you will want to seek help for it. This can mean entering a Connecticut detox treatment facility for drugs, AA for alcoholics, or therapy. Whatever problems you have, they can be sorted out with the proper treatment and approach.

You must begin by realizing that you are in control and no one or nothing else can force you to do anything. Simply knowing that we wield power over our own actions is inspiring and enables us to take back what we sometimes lose to addiction. It can cause untold damage to our lives and the lives of those closest to us. Having a strong support system is absolutely necessary when trying to overcome addiction once and for all. This means having family, friends, and even co-workers aware of what is going on in your life. The more support you have the better your chances will be of beating your addiction.

Taking stock of one’s lift often happens after beginning addiction treatment. This provides you with the opportunity to come clean so to speak and express how you feel towards certain people in your life. One of the steps that addicts must go through in Alcoholics Anonymous is to apologize to all of those they have wronged. Chances are you have affected other people with your addiction in a negative way. It can be incredibly freeing and liberating to confess your feelings of guilt and offer up an apology to those you have hurt in one way or another.

Keep in mind that recovery is mainly about you. Although this may seem selfish, you will need to take the time to work on yourself before anyone else. You shouldn’t be forming any new relationships while going through recovery. Cling to the friends and family that you have, but also be aware of the fact that only you can conquer your addiction. In the end you must stand alone and face your problems head on. There is nothing wrong with having other people there to help you along the way, but when it comes right down to it only you can defeat your addiction once and for all.

There are a lot of different ways to get help for your addiction, including acupuncture. This is a form of physical therapy that helps to free the mind and body by pinpointing certain pressure points throughout the body. It is still considered to be an “alternative” form of treatment for many conditions, including addiction. When it comes down to it, addiction is the same for drug users as it is for alcoholics and caffeine junkies. The same part of the brain is triggered and acupuncture has been proven to help with that. Just keep your options open and you won’t have any problems with finding a way to deal with your own addiction.

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STD Test – A Great Way to Stay Safe!

STD infections are usually spread because engaging partners are unknowing about having an infection or not. This is mostly due to the fact that sometimes no symptoms of an infection arise. Getting a STD Home Test is very beneficial for several reasons.

When one is sexually active, one needs to be sure of the fact that he/she does not have any Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Hence, the proper way to test it is by going through STD test at home. At home test kits for STDs provides one with much needed privacy, and no eligibility necessary, making it easy for the performer of the test to keep the identity secret and manage things easily.

Importance of home STD test kits

Some of the Sexually Transmitted Disease like Chlamydia and Gonorrhea cause millions of people to die in the United States each year. Hence, STD testing, USA is a viable option in order to know which disease one sexually active person is suffering from. In addition to that, Chlamydia is one of the possible causes of infertility and is not easily found out. Thus, it is of utmost importance to check regularly with STD home test kits for any sign of infection.

This being said, one can try out the STD testing at home, in order to stay safe and healthy as well as anonymous while testing. After all prevention is always better than cure, isn’t it?

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My Teen Wants To Become A Vegan, Is It Healthy

Whether it’s out of concern for the environment, animal rights or health reasons more and more teens are announcing to their parents that they want to become vegans. If you are the parent of one of these teens there is no need to go into a fit. In fact, this decision could not have come at a better time. Sure you’re concerned that making such a dietary change may negatively impact your teens’ growth and development.

However, this couldn’t be any further from the truth. Just think about it, a vegan teen is also a very health conscious teen. Therefore, a vegan teen will take greater care to adopt a well-planned diet over their meat-eating counterparts who are more likely to snack on pizza, hot dogs and sugary snacks instead of fruits and vegetables.

That said, the best way to respond to a teen who decides to become vegan is to be supportive. Educating yourself about this dietary choice may even help you become more health conscious about your own eating habits. We learn as much, if not more, from our children as they learn from us so why not let this be another opportunity to learn and bond with your teen.

Sure, as a parent you will still have some concerns such as whether your vegan teen will get the appropriate amount of vitamins and nutrients. Rest assured though that whole grains, beans, lentils, tofu, nuts and plant based meat are all excellent sources of protein. Additionally, beans, cashews, raisins, spinach, tempeh and tomato juice are packed with iron. You might also be concerned about your teen getting vitamin B-12.

No need to worry about that either because he or she can easily do so by eating fortified cereals, fortified soy milk or taking multivitamins. If that’s not enough, numerous studies have shown that eliminating dairy products and meat, while eating nuts and whole grains will improve cardiovascular health. As you can see, this dietary transition is not the end of the world. Johnny will still be Johnny and Susie will still be the same Susie, just with improved cardiovascular health and lowered risk of contracting several other deadly diseases.

An unbalanced diet whether vegetarian or non- can be unhealthy. However, a vegan or vegetarian diet can effectively provide your teens’ body with all the nutrients needed and it is relatively easy to plan a balanced vegan diet.

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