Where Can I Duplicate My Car Key?

Some of the keys, especially to Mercedes, have to be duplicated by a original manufacturer, but many of them can be duplicated by non- authorized service on condition that you have original key, so called Master Key.

You can even have your car key duplicated if its complicated and includes remote control and code.

As you probably suspect, having your key duplicated in authorized service is much more expensive than in non-authorized service, so decision is up to you, as explained in details on this article on Landroverbar blog – getting a replacement car key@landroverbar.

Key needs re-coding

If your car keys, for some reason need re-coding, for example they don’t open your car and don’t work properly, you should go to car electrician and ask him to do it. It is not necessary to visit authorized service or write to manufacturer. Re-coding car keys isn’t usually expensive.

If you go for a long trip, you should always take two sets of keys – one for you and one for your passenger. If you lose your set of keys, or you will lock them inside your car, passenger will be able to open it and you will be able to go back home. You will avoid costs of hauling which are usually really high.

If you buy used car, you usually get one set of keys. Duplicate your keys as fast as possible before it’s too late.

It is wise to have phone number of the company that specializes in opening cars in contacts in your cell phone.

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