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Level Switch Uses

The continuous level switch and single level switch have been applied in various aspects in the environment. They had been useful in many commercial and industrial applications. Mechanical sensors are important in the starting or ending functions on machine tools or apparatus. Sensors such as multiple and single position switches are connected to the equipment and are used for switching or positioning purposes.

The sensor device has level sensor functions which are capable of determining the level measurement. The device works once the level of liquid is reach as per indicated. Substances can be contained to be able to get the level measurement or can be in their natural existence such as air, river, lake and others. The continuous level sensors are found where there’s a specified range of substance in a given place. They are used to regulate and control the amount of substances by establishing the exact amount. One of the best level switches in the industry are Besta level switches.

The Single water level sensor or sometimes called point-level or discrete are used to indicate either the high or low, above or below levels of liquids or other substances being measured. Like for instance, the pressure sensor is submerged in a tank to measure the water hydrostatic pressure. The liquid flow sensor on the other hand is useful in monitoring low liquid flow. These devices are adjusted to a fixed point to indicate water level measurements.

The float switch can be either vertical or horizontal. Vertical float switches are ideal for small areas. It detects the level of water in a storage tank and once water has reached the level indicated, the floater rises and water stops to flow. It can be used as an indicator, an alarm or pumping device. The float switch can control relays, motor starters, and contactors. As alarm circuits, they can activate the switching cycles. It can be adjusted so it can start an electric pump when pumping water out and can stop when the level point of water has been reached. It can automatically control pumps in tanks, sewage and other bodies of water. Float switches are reliable, useful and affordable devices found in many residential houses.

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