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Tips for Virus Prevention

While the constantly changing nature of every new virus strain cannot be properly treated with specific measures there are a few virus prevention tips that should still be taken into consideration as sound, general practice.

10. Go to a doctor if you get sick. Although it seems simple enough advice many people fail to take this step. Consult your family doctor if you have the virus or visit a walk-in clinic if symptoms are particularly severe.

Face Mask bhjfdx

9. Isolate yourself if you become ill. To stop the spread of virus it’s important to remain away from others and minimize the chance of infection as much as possible through at least some basic form of self-isolation.

8. Stay home from work if you become sick. Just like isolating yourself at home prevents the virus from spreading to others, taking a day off to rest and recuperate is also an effective way of helping stem the spread of illness while simultaneously bettering your chances of beating the sickness itself.

7. Avoid touching your mouth or face often. Your face hosts the easiest entry points for virus and your hands are constantly coming into contact with various bugs while out in public. Wear a good face mask, such as the N95 mask. This advice is especially necessary when it is impossible to wash your hands.

6. Exercise caution with public transit. This tip coincides greatly with the above point and refers to the need to avoid obviously sick people. Wash your hands after touching areas of common traffic in these situations (door handles, backs of seats, handles or after handling change/tokens).

5. Avoid sick people as often as possible, not only on public transit but in the workplace or at home. The best way to avoid catching the virus is to minimize exposure to those currently carrying the virus.

4. Stay hydrated. Flushing your system can help prevent infection before it starts and will also aid in hastening recovery from the virus.

3. Get plenty of rest. Nothing works as well as plenty of sleep toward warding off the virus or helping to recover from it if already infected.

2. Don’t cough or sneeze on others. It seems like common sense but many people do not cover their nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing and thus greatly increase the chance of infecting others through carelessness.

1. Wash your hands as often as possible. It’s impossible to stay away from every possible chance of virus infection so your best bet will always be to sanitize your hands often so you won’t contract the virus through eating, touching your face or coming into contact with various objects.

Keep these tips in mind as more news and information about the newest strains of virus are brought to public attention.


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