Why You Should Hire A Car When Traveling To Majorca

Whether you’re going to Majorca, Menorca or anywhere else in the world, hiring a car is always a great idea. Having a car gives you independence from public transport and widens your vacation experience, leaving you with unforgettable memories for a life-time.

When using car hire Majorca, it doesn’t necessarily mean traveling all over the island. Even if you’re are staying at a hotel where all the shops are nearby, it’s a lot easier to go shopping on a car, leave it in a car park and then put all your purchased items in the boot when you come back, rather than carrying heavy bags around all day long.

The freedom that you get when hiring a car is definitely something worth spending a bit extra on. Needless to say, you can go wherever you want and whenever you want, without having to rely on public transport, wait in queues or get stressed about inconvenient travel timetables. If suddenly the weather changes, you won’t lose your pre-booked bus or train tickets, because your hire car will be waiting for you outside to travel when the sun comes back.

As soon as you arrive in Palma de Mallorca airport, you’ll find car rental Palma de Mallorca airport services where you can rent a car of your choice and then the world is yours. Certainly, you don’t have to hire a car in advance, but it’s a lot cheaper to book in advance, as you get better deals and more flexibility with car choices.

If you’re traveling to Majorca as a family and have young children, then hiring an MPV vehicle, such as Ford S-Max or Mercedes-Benz Viano, will not only provide full comfort for the whole family, but also keep your kids safe in a child-seat, which you can include as an extra with your car hire booking. Depending on who are traveling with, the best car for Majorca could be an economical hatchback, a 4 door saloon or maybe even a sporty 2 door coupe.

Not to mention the fact, that you can listen to your favourite CDs or local radio while traveling in Majorca and stop by at any desired location to take a few photos. Having your own transport also means that you can easily travel at night and experience the amazing views of night life in Mallorca. Overall, the benefits of booking a hire car vs traveling on public transport are endless, so do yourself a favour and book your car today.

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