Ski Equipment

There is a lot of ski equipment required to safely spend a day on the ski slopes. Aside from warm, comfortable, waterproof clothing, ensuring you have the proper ski equipment is a must for getting the most out of a ski holiday.

Ski Boots

Ski boots are one of the most important pieces of ski equipment that any skier can invest in. Beginner ski boots tend to be more flexible than intermediate or expert ski boots. Racing boots are required to be ultra stiff to make fast and tight turns – these types of ski boots are not comfortable for most recreational skiers.


There are several styles of skis. The recreational ski is made to provide stability and responsiveness for those who only ski a few times a year. For the more active skier, the mountain ski will better suit their needs. Powder skiers will need a longer and softer construction powder ski. Racers will require a stiffer race ski that is built specifically to absorb vibration.


Much like skis, snowboards are made for different styles of snowboarding. Freeride or all mountain boards allow snowboarders to catch air, carve and maneuvre. Freestyle snowboards are shorter and lighter, making them very responsive and easier to turn. Alpine, race or carving snowboards are longer and narrower than other types of snowboards. They are designed for high speeds, quick edge turns, carving, and good stability.

Ski Helmets and Ski Goggles

Ski helmets and ski goggles are meant to keep the face and head warm as well as protect the skier from injury. Ski goggles are meant to protect the eyes from ultra violet rays and snow damage. Ski helmets are meant to stay on the head in the event you fall. It is imperative that a skier’s or snowboarder’s head gear is properly fitted and worn correctly.

Buy or Hire Ski Equipment

Beginner or occasional recreational skiers are usually better off renting their ski equipment. Renting proper ski boots and skis from a alquiler material esqui Baqueira will save both time and money. Renting will also allow new skiers to try out several different types and brands of ski equipment before deciding to buy their own.

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