Small Handguns

Small handguns or primary caliber handguns are known to be the most popular choice for home and personal defense. Under the law, civilians are permitted to carry handguns provided that they learn how to operate and safely carry them around.

Majority of private individuals who are seriously considering of buying handguns opt for primary caliber handguns as they are easy to use, lightweight, and ideal for self-defense purposes.

There really is no telling of which is the best small handgun in the market as the best handgun for you is directly dictated by your individual needs. You should do a detailed research about everything there is to know about handguns; their individual features and the best selling models that are available.

The best place to start your search is the internet. You can find really good gun deals and ammo deals online which you won’t find anywhere else.

There are four general types of small handguns in the market:

  • .22 long rifle
  • .25 ACP
  • .32 ACP
  • .38 ACP

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